A brand by Becca Kufrin

Most of you know me from my days on back-to-back seasons of ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Yes, I’m the one who got dumped on national television with mascara running down her face while repeating the words “get out” for an hour straight. But that is not how I want to be defined. Instead, I came back from heartbreak and global embarrassment to find not only my own version of a love story, but with a recognition of a new kind of strength and fierceness within myself. I felt like I was finally “me.” And that’s a truly special feeling that I hope every woman can find within herself. So here I am, graduated from roses to robes.
I created B the Label as a brand to empower women to look and feel their very best without having to invest much time, money, and effort into a wardrobe.
Because let’s face it, most of us probably don’t have the time or energy to be perfectly dolled up in gowns and 4-inch heels every waking hour (been there, done that, and I sure don’t have it in me anymore!). Sometimes looking and feeling your very best means getting down to the basics and feeling like “you” again. If I’m being real, and I urge every single one of you to do the same, it’s okay to ditch all of the glamorous makeup and throw on your favorite pair of joggers and a cute graphic tee –– you know you want to toss that hair up in a scrunchy, too! –- while eating tacos and drinking wine on the couch at home. This is real, this is me, this is “us” –– the collective women as a whole.
The concept for B the Label came about when my days out of the Bachelor mansion and back in the real world kicked in. I realized that while I was living a fairy tale, I wasn’t 100% my authentic self. Because if I’m honest, I usually live in my leggings –– not luxury. I was being glammed twice a day, every day, for two and a half months straight. I was constantly switching from day date outfit to evening gown, when in reality, all I wanted was to curl up in my favorite sweats and sleep for 14 hours.

B the Label reflects the belief that comfort and style can happily coexist in your closet.

From robes and rompers, leggings and hoodies, our collection is everyday essentials designed for women of all shapes and sizes – Made to bring out the femininity, courage, and confidence within us all.